Vicky Saves the Big Dumb World

Vicky Saves the Big Dumb World

There are quite a few good games available, but one of the more popular titles is the game called “Vicky saves the big dumb world”. This game is a puzzle game which consists of solving a series of puzzles and defeating various enemies. The gameplay of this game is not difficult, however, it does require a certain set of graphics cards and computer hardware in order to play it. In this article, we will provide a complete guide on how to play this game and how to install it on your computer.

Graphics card requirements

The graphics card requirements for Vicky Saves the Big Dumb World are on par with the average family PC. While the game is playable on the go, it isn’t a mobile app per se. However, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Sadly, there are no dedicated mobile versions in the works. It isn’t all doom and gloom though, as the game has been received with gusto. On the positive side, a new Xbox One release is in the works. If you haven’t had a chance to snag one of the coveted consoles yet, then the next best thing is to pick up the mobile version of your favourite Xbox game. Hopefully, we’ll see it hit shelves before the end of the year. Until then, keep an eye out for the latest game releases and other goodies. And if you’re a shopper with a predilection for gaming aficionados, you’ll definitely be in luck.


Victoria Saves the Big Dumb World is the latest in the series of Paradox Interactive’s complex grand strategy games. Its gameplay features a focus on politics and people, and its map and menus are reminiscent of games like Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis.

As in its predecessors, Victoria’s gameplay is primarily focused on politics and demographics. Players will need to manage their pops, which are big blocks of people, and oversee changes to the country. For example, if a pop’s population gets educated, they’ll be more likely to support socialist policies. Conversely, if a populace is more illiterate, it’s less likely to support liberalism.

The game will allow players to play one of a hundred nations, each with their own unique economy. Each will have its own raw resources, which will help determine how they’ll develop. A nation that lacks oil or silk will have a different economic outlook. However, most countries begin with a landholder elite that’s backed by religious or military interests.

One of the game’s new mechanics is basic diplomatic actions. These can forge alliances and improve relations with other nations, but they can also ruin relationships. Furthermore, diplomats can resolve conflicts without war. But it’s not just diplomats that can affect the way a country operates. Buildings, including factories, will also affect the economy. If a production building goes into the red, it depletes the cash reserve.

The game also gives a new stat, standard of living. It compresses Vicky’s needs into a single number, and more goods with money will increase the standard of living. This means that a massive factory will be profitable and have tax advantages. Similarly, it can crash the price of goods, which can result in enormous through-put bonuses.

Unlike other Paradox games, Victoria 3 doesn’t feature full-on warfare. Rather, it’s more about staging and mastering the order of political and economic moves. In addition, the game includes several “dominions” that have distinct economies.

Paradox hasn’t outlined any plans for a sequel, but the company has been making big steps toward accessibility in recent years. They’re still figuring out how to make the game digestible for gamers with different playing styles.

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